Welcome to Topic Mastery, an online educational platform crafted meticulously by Janie’s Mobile School. For more than two decades, Janie has been devoted to education, mentoring and sharing knowledge across a range of subjects, including Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History and Geography. She believes in comprehensive learning that simplifies complex subjects into understandable, bite-sized modules.

With the world progressing rapidly into the era of digital education, Topic Mastery was established to cater to this ever-growing need for flexible and accessible learning resources. Instead of getting overwhelmed by the daunting task of mastering an entire subject all at once, our approach focuses on specific topics to enhance understanding and promote in-depth learning.

True to our name, our unique learning platform aims at achieving Topic Mastery. Subjects are broken down into key topic areas. For instance, GCSE Biology is dissected into sub-topics such as Cell Biology and Microscopy, while GCSE Geography is sectioned into Climate Change, Tropical Storms, and more. This enables learners to approach their studies more methodically, focusing on mastering each topic at their own pace.

Each course is priced starting from £25, with prices varying based on the scope of the topic. These courses are designed for self-study, equipping you with detailed workbooks filled with questions and answers. For GCSE subjects, the course also includes valuable exam questions.

Whilst these courses do not provide direct access to Janie, they are the perfect cost-effective alternative for those who might struggle to afford regular monthly tuition fees. A one-off payment gives you lifetime access to the course materials, allowing you to revisit them anytime and study at your convenience.

Initially started as a mobile school in the UK, we’ve expanded our services 100% online to reach a wider demographic. We now also teach in Finland and the USA, broadening our educational boundaries and creating a truly global classroom.

Join us on this enriching journey to achieve Topic Mastery and transform your learning experience!